Sumatra Mandheling Coffee : Specialty Coffee Beans


Low acidity with floral aroma and sweet aftertaste is the character of mandailing coffee. The body is full so the texture will in general be thick. The mix of sweet and harsh taste that isn’t too high is a most loved of individuals who like coffee yet have touchy stomachs. Another advantage of mandailing coffee is its fragrant fluorine aroma. This fragrant scent then made it often used by several roasters or coffee shops to make house blends
Mandheling coffee flavor, which is fine acidity, full body, sweet, long lasting aroma after taste.

– This whole bean coffee has a good flavor, medium acidity, floral flavor with a sweet ending.
– 100% Mandheling Arabica whole bean Coffee with First Grade quality
– Processing Method: Semi-washed
– Altitude: +/- 1,368 ASL
– Moisture 11-13%
– Defect 0-3%
– Quality : First grade

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