We have established since 2007, we believe only a company with integrity, good products, flexibility, and good adaptability will stay for that long. We Have Exported  Indonesia products like is Coffee, We are Supplier of high quality coffee beans to around the world.

Indonesian diversity does not only exist in art, culture, language or ethnicity. Coffee, as one of the country’s largest export commodities, also has a diversity of flavors. Each region has a distinctive coffee flavor characteristic, which distinguishes it from coffee from other regions.

Our coffee beans are ethically sourced from coffee farmers and Geographically Identification registered as single origin.

We work closely and directly with coffee farmers and cooperatives

Our Product

  • Arabica Coffee beans

Sumatera :

Gayo coffee

Mandailing coffee

Lintong coffee

Sidikalang coffee

Kerinci coffee

Kaba coffee

Java :

Java preanger

Malabar coffee

Halu coffee

Papandayan coffee

Garut coffee

Temanggung coffee Java

Ijen coffee

Sulawesi :

Toraja coffee

Bali :

Kintamani coffee

Papua :

Wamena coffee

Flores island :

Bajawa coffee

  • Robusta coffee beans

Sumatera robusta coffee

Java robusta coffee

Toraja robusta coffee

Bali robusta coffee

Manggarai Flores robusta coffee

  • Specialty coffee beans

– Java preanger arabica coffee

– Gayo arabica coffee

– Toraja arabica coffee

  • Fine Robusta coffee beans

  • Low acidity coffee beans

  • Poop/Civet coffee beans

  • Organic & Fair Trade arabica coffee beans

  • Organic robusta coffee beans

Our organic & fair trade coffee bean have USDA Organic Certificate, EURO Organic Certificate, Fair Trade Certificate, FDA Certificate, Feel Free to inquiry bulk organic & fair trade coffee bean to us

We also sell roasted coffee and ground coffee

Mission and Vision


Prioritize first grade quality coffee beans directly from coffee farmers.

We have organic coffee beans certificate and fair trade certificate, contact us for further information


Buy coffee beans from the growers at competitive and fair price


Implent professionally Work in our company, also with our client and coffee farmer. make long relationship with our client, growers in sumatera, java, bali, sulawesi, papua, East Nusa Tenggara

We aim to achieve a sustainable market leadership position by serving excellent value to our costumer through innovations, world class qualities, and also great relations.


Together with the growers maintaining sustainability farming practice. as a social enterprise, we are putting forth sustainable farming first, focusing on the farmers’ well being, caring and also taking responsibility for the environment impacted by our farming.

Social Contribution

Contribute 5% of our revenue to support social development programs.

Community Advancement

Provide trainings for the coffee farmers to develop their cultivation; to improve quality and quantity coffee bean productions.