10 Best Indonesia Arabica Coffee Bean

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Arabica coffee is considered to have better quality than other types. This can be seen from the relatively higher selling price. Arabica coffee only grows and produces optimally when planted in the highlands. Arabica coffee will grow optimally when planted at a height of 900-2500 above sea level. With rainfall ranging from 1200-2000 mm per […]

What is Different Robusta Sumatera and Robusta Java

Organic Robusta Coffee Beans

Coffea canephora (syn. Coffea robusta), commonly known as robusta coffee, the most coffee tree in indonesia is robusta coffee tree. the area of robusta coffee tree in Indonesia : Sumatera, Java, Bali, Flores Island and Sulawesi. Taste and Aroma Sumatera robusta coffee strong taste and body, nutty, medium acidity. Java robusta coffee strong aroma, medium […]

Knowledge of Coffee And Ability About

Have you ever drink coffee that tastes of acid? Why does coffee taste sour? Coffee should taste bitter? There are 3 types of coffee that are well-known by the people, but 80% of coffee circulating is coffee with the type of ROBUSTA. This coffee has a special taste that is bitter But actually not all […]

What is Toraja Coffee

The history of this type of coffee has existed from the Dutch era first. The Toraja region is famous for being the largest producer of spices in Indonesia, so Toraja coffee has unique flavors. This type of coffee bean is planted in a mountainous area which is quite high and is in Sulawesi. Sapan is […]

What is Specialty Coffee?

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Specialty coffee is a conversation that is definitely revealed if we are discussing coffee or doing coffee business, nowadays the name coffee is increasingly circulating, there are those who make it based on personal or group tastes and some according to coffee language that might be close to scientific level. Then whether there are scientific […]