Poop Coffee Beans From Wild Civet Cat


Kopi luwak coffee is one of the most expensive coffee. The coffee eaten by wild civet cat is believed to be only the best coffee, coffee that has been perfectly cooked. The seeds will experience fermentation in the civet cat’s stomach. This is the phase that determines the typical taste of luwak coffee

– 100% original wild civet poops Coffee Beans ( luwak coffee )
– Quality: First Grade Quality
– Altitude: 1400 – 1600 ASL
– Cultivars: Multi Variety arabica coffee beans
– Ethically only from poops of wild civet cat, we take coffee beans poops from our plantation and forest

Civet coffee has a taste and aroma more specific and more special than ordinary coffee. Civet Coffee has a unique aroma and flavor, in general civet coffee has a smooth full body flavor, and an excellent after taste. The viscosity of civet coffee is generally like when drinking syrup, tastes delicious in the mouth or throat with no unpleasant taste marks.

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