Bulk Arabica Coffee Beans from Gayo – Sumatra



– 100% Gayo Arabica Coffee
– 100% Pure Coffee without Mixture
– Origin: Gayo, Aceh
– Processing Method: Semi Wash
– Moisture 11-13%
– Defect 0-3%
– Varieties: Mix Varieties
– Altitude: +/- 1,200 to 1600 masl

Coffee Gayo has a unique characteristic with the specificity of different aroma with other coffee in Indonesia. Coffee Gayo produces most of the finest Arabica coffee. Gayo Coffee flavor itself feels more bitter with low acidity level. Its very sharp aroma makes this type of coffee well-liked. No wonder this coffee becomes the biggest coffee producer in Asia. Despite the bitter taste, Gayo coffee gives a savory aroma to every sip

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