100% Abyssinia Long Berry of Coffee Beans


The uniqueness of the taste and aroma that Long berry Coffee has will add to your taste experience as a coffee connoisseur.
It has a distinctive taste with the main characteristics of the aroma of spices, a complex taste with strong sour fruit flavor, delicious coffee and soft viscosity with special flavor characteristics of long berry Arabica coffee.
Arabica long berry with special coffee flavor, delicious, no other aroma or taste that is disturbing, original character and feels comfortable when drunk.

– 100% ORIGINAL Long berry Coffee Beans
– Quality: First Grade Quality
– process : Natural
– Altitude: 1400 – 1600 MASL
– Cultivars: Gayo Multi Variety arabica coffee beans
– Region of Central Aceh
– The Flavor : Low Acidity, Fruity, Herbal, Full Body and Pleasant After Taste

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