Specialty Arabica Unroasted Coffee Beans of Java Ijen


Java ijen coffee has very unique characteristics and is certainly different from other coffees When compared with other arabica coffees, this Javanese specialty coffee is somewhat lighter Arabica coffee with low acidity. So that the sour taste that is presented is very exotic. Its taste is also very unique, which has a nutty, chocolate, and spice flavor with a low acidity level, and a little sweetness. The distinctive aroma will be felt when brewed for the first time. Java Ijen Raung coffee has a soft texture so it seems sweet in its presentation.

Characteristics :
Origin: Ijen mountain (Bondowoso district)
Species: Arabica
Elevation: 1100-1500 MASL
Processing: Full Washed
Bean Size: Medium
Moisture: 12-13%
quality: first grade quality
after taste: Floral, Spicy and Bright Acidity.

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