Sumatra Gayo Specialty Arabica Coffee Beans


-100% Gayo Arabica Coffee
-100% Pure Coffee without Mixture
– Origin: Gayo, Aceh
– Processing Method: full Wash
– Varieties: Mix Varieties
– Altitude: +/- 1,400 to 1600 masl
– Tasting Notes: Vanilla & Chocolate


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-100% Gayo Arabica Coffee
-100% Pure Coffee beans without Mixture
– Origin: Gayo, Aceh
– Processing Method: semi Wash
– Varieties: Mix Varieties
– Moisture 11-13%
– Defect 0-3%
– Altitude: +/- 1,200 to 1600 masl
Cupping Notes: Nutty & Aroma, Medium Acidity, High Body

Specialty Coffee is a commonly used name for coffee “gourmet ” or “premium “. According to the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), coffee worth 80 or more on a scale of 100 points is considered “special “. Gayo is one of best Indonesian specialty coffee

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Gayo Specialty Coffee is a variety of Arabica coffee which became one of the flagship commodities originating from the highlands of Gayo, central Aceh, Indonesia. Gayo Specialty Coffee has obtained the Fair Trade Certified™ from the International organization Fair Trade on 27 May 2010, Coffee Gayo received IG certificate (geographical Indication) submitted by Indonesian Ministry of Justice and Human rights. Then at the Indonesian Special Coffee auction Event on 10 October 2010 in Bali, return Specialty Gayo Coffee gained the highest ranking when cupping score. These certifications and achievements are increasingly establishing the Gayo coffee position as the world’s best organic coffee
Coffee plantations that have been developed since the year 1908 is flourishing in Bener meriah district, central Aceh and a small part of Gayo Lues area. The three areas that are at an altitude of 1200 m above sea level have the widest coffee plantation in Indonesia, which is about 81,000 hectares. Each of 42,000 hectares is located in Bener meriah Regency, the rest (39,000 hectares) in central Aceh Regency. Gayo community is a coffee farmer with the dominance of arabica varieties. The production of Arabica coffee produced from Gayo Land is the largest in Asia.

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