What is Toraja Coffee

The history of this type of coffee has existed from the Dutch era first. The Toraja region is famous for being the largest producer of spices in Indonesia, so Toraja coffee has unique flavors. This type of coffee bean is planted in a mountainous area which is quite high and is in Sulawesi. Sapan is a small place in Sulawesi which is the name of a coffee collection point in the surrounding area. While Toraja is the name of a mountainous region in Sulawesi Island, where this one type of coffee plant grows.

The advantages of Toraja coffee

The distinctive feature of this type of Toraja coffee is that it is known to have a distinctive aroma. In addition, when viewed in the region of Sulawesi which is a fertile geographical place, it can help produce various types of natural resource products which are quite well known in the world as producing world class spices at that time. With the taste and fragrant aroma of coffee has been able to make this type of coffee has become a brand of its own.

The fragrant aroma of this coffee can immediately smell when we open the packaging of this Toraja coffee. What’s interesting is the taste of this coffee has a difference with other types of Indonesian coffee. This type of coffee has even been sold to Japan and the US.

For us as the people of Indonesia, of course we should be proud of this type of Toraja coffee product. The taste and quality of this type of coffee product is one of the best types of coffee. Coffee drinks have also been known as drinks that can be enjoyed by all groups. We can find this type of coffee drink in the form of sachets in stalls and restaurants that provide coffee drinks.

In addition, the types of coffee in Indonesia are also known to have various types of processing different types of coffee. This also makes the taste of coffee look to have a unique taste between one type of coffee with another coffee. One example is the type of Toraja coffee.

This type of coffee is known to have two different types of coffee, namely Toraja Arabica coffee and Toraja Robusta coffee. The quality and taste of this Toraja coffee is no doubt. In addition, we also know various types of coffee processing that look different from one type of coffee to another. This also makes the coffee taste look good. The process of brewing coffee in Indonesia is also known to have a variety of ways of brewing.

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