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Arabica coffee is considered to have better quality than other types. This can be seen from the relatively higher selling price. Arabica coffee only grows and produces optimally when planted in the highlands. Arabica coffee will grow optimally when planted at a height of 900-2500 above sea level. With rainfall ranging from 1200-2000 mm per year. The most suitable environmental temperature for this plant is around 15-24 degrees Celsius. This plant cannot stand temperatures close to freezing below 40 degrees Celsius

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Arabica Coffee Varieties

There are many varieties of Arabica coffee grown in Indonesia. Each variety has different growth and adaptability. Selection of varieties in the cultivation of Arabica coffee should be adapted to the environmental conditions where the cultivation of plants.
To get optimal results use superior varieties from trusted sources. The Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture through the Koka Research Center always produces superior varieties. Some of them are as follows:

  1. S 795. This variety has a productivity of 1000-1500 kg / ha at a planting density of 1600-2000 trees per hectare. Starts flowering at the age of 15-24 months. Somewhat resistant to leaf rust attack when planted at a height of more than 1000 meters above sea level.
  2. USDA 762. Productivity of this type of Arabica coffee reaches 800-1200 kg / ha. Starts flowering at the age of 32-34 months. Somewhat resistant to leaf rust.
  3. Andung sari-1. Productivity is around 350 kg / ha. Starts flowering at the age of 15-24 months. When planted at a height of less than 900 meters, this variety is susceptible to leaf rust attack but quite resistant planted in areas that are less fertile.
  4. Sigarar Utang. Its productivity reaches 1500 kg per hectare. The specialty of Arabica coffee varieties is that it can bear fruit continuously following the pattern of rain distribution. The seeds are large, susceptible to fruit powder pests and nematodes, but are quite resistant to leaf rust. It is recommended to plant it at an altitude above 1000 meters above sea level.

One type of natural wealth owned by Indonesia is coffee and some types of Indonesian coffee are already widely heard in the world. Indonesia has even been ranked 4th in the world class coffee producer. Call it Sumatra Gayo coffee , Sumatra Mandheling coffee, Sulawesi Toraja coffee, Flores Bajawa coffee and many more, more than 15 of Indonesia’s leading coffee producing regions. We recommend the ten best types of Arabica coffee from various regions in Indonesia that you can try first.

The following are Arabica coffee recommendations and their characters and regions:

1. Sulawesi Toraja Coffee

The coffee from Tana Toraja districts – South Sulawesi  is also very famous for its enjoyment. The identical taste of this coffee is chocolate, tobacco, or caramel. In terms of acidity and body is medium, suitable for all people who do not like too acidic or too bitter. You will be surprised when you first try it. Your tongue will feel a bitter taste that disappears for a moment, leaving no bitter marks on the tongue. This flavor is favored by coffee lovers of the indonesian and the world.. Toraja coffee has an irregular shape and size with a dark brown color. This form makes toraja coffee is quite easy to recognize. It has a very fragrant and distinctive aroma, even when first opening the packaging. This coffee has a fruit aroma with a taste that is not too bitter when consumed.

The acidity level is also low enough to be an idol for those who have stomach acid problems One reason is because it is planted in mountainous areas with altitudes reaching 1400 to 2100 masl, namely in the Sasean Mountains. Planted in volcanic soil. Coffee trees in this area are planted side by side with various spices, so it’s no wonder that Toraja coffee has a distinctive scent.

2. Sumatra Gayo Coffee

Sumatra Gayo Coffee is a type of Arabica coffee that is already famous in various parts of the world. Sumatra Gayo Coffee has the most unmistakable taste and is favored contrasted with Arabica Coffee planted somewhere else in indonesia. Sumatra Gayo Coffee has a Cupping note that is scrumptious and particular smell, lower acidity and Solid bitterness. Viewed from the body itself, Aceh’s typical coffee is thick, or called a full body. Sumatra Gayo coffee is Arabica type coffee. Plantations in Gayo, Central Aceh are on average between 1,200 and 1,600 meters above sea level.
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The location is around the city of Takengon and close to Lake Tawar. The majority of tribes who live in this area are Gayo people. Plantations in this area are managed by individuals and their cultivation is carried out in a shade grown coffee. The coffee beans produced are arabica coffee beans which are suitable to be planted here.

Q graders who have tasted it on average consider that the taste of Gayo Aceh coffee tends to be nutty and buttery. The aroma is very strong with nutty and spice accents. The acidity is very low, the sweetness tends to be high, and the body produced by the medium.

3. Java Preanger – Malabar Coffee

Although this Arabica coffee is planted on a plateau that is not too high, the neat and structured post-harvest process makes the result one of the best. If you look at farmers in their gardens after harvest, the process is very neatly structured so the taste is better and more diverse. There is a natural process, semi wash to full wash process, ”

Malabar Arabica Coffee has a medium sour taste. But there are also those who have a pretty high sour taste. The character of java preanger coffee lies in its very strong aroma and taste. The aroma that makes it unique is the fragrance of flowers. Make the drinker feel the body relaxation when inhaling the aroma. Sweetness is also found when sipping his coffee. If you want to be more specific in feeling the original taste, it is recommended not to add it with sugar. That way you will be able to feel the original taste.

4. Sumatra Mandheling Coffee

Mandailing Coffee is a type of coffee that the Dutch brought to Indonesia in 1699 which was then planted in Sumatra, more precisely Mandailing Natal, Pakantan Regency, North Sumatra. This coffee has been very famous in the world since 1878 with a very strong taste and aroma and is only planted in the Mandailing plain so it makes this coffee very special.

Mandailing Coffee is known for its strong taste with low acidity with floral scents and sweet aftertaste is the character of mandailing coffee. The body is full so the texture tends to be thick. The combination of sweet and sour taste that is not too high is a favorite of people who like coffee but have a sensitive stomach. special aroma with fruit sensation and after taste which is very good and longer, which is very rare in other types of Indonesian coffee.

Because of the strong taste character that this coffee is always suitable as a basic ingredient in a variety of world favorite coffee recipes, such as Espresso, Americano, Coffee Latte, Cappuccino and others. So it’s only natural that this coffee has always been the target of some coffee lovers, not only in Indonesia and even the world.

5. Sumatra Lintong Coffee

Lintong Coffee is Sumatra Lintong Arabica Coffee which grows in the highlands of Lake Toba precisely in Lintongnihuta (1400 mdpal), Humbang Hasundutan Regency, North Sumatra. Lintong Coffee has long been one of the best coffees and is well known in international coffees. Through the Organization / Institution of People Observing Sumatra Lintong Arabica Coffee (MASPEKAL), Lintong Coffee has received a GEOGRAPHIC INDICATION (IG) certification from the Directorate General of Intellectual Property – Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia, Series A No.07 / IG / X / A / 2017 with No. ID G 000000063 on February 12, 2018

Lintong coffee is so famous that some people generalize lintong coffee with lintong brastagi coffee, Sumatra Mandheling coffee, Sipirok, Dolok Sanggul, and Sidikalang coffee.

The initial varieties planted are arabica typica types, in addition to that there are also some robusta coffee grown in different districts such as in Paraninan District which is famous for Sigarar Utang coffee. But now many varieties of seeds have been planted here, such as the sigarar debt variety, S Line 795, USDA 765, lasuna, garunggang which are local varieties.

Lintong coffee has a distinctive aroma of Sumatran coffee that is the natural aroma of freshness of the land which is doused by rain water (earthy). Also some other scents such as chocolate, tropical fruits, and spices. The strong acidity of the coffee makes the freshness of this coffee remain long in the mouth after drinking. The complete taste of dark chocolate and tobacco further strengthens the characteristics of coffee from Sumatra. Lintong coffee also has a strong body by not eliminating other flavor notes. Lintong coffee is known to have a thick taste but still soft. In addition it is also equipped with a fragrant aroma. This coffee is also known to have a unique sour taste. It is suitable for brewing using manual tools or blended with other types of coffee to become the standard espresso coffee.

6. Papua Wamena Coffee

Papua Wamena Coffee Beans

As the name suggests, this type of coffee thrives in the Wamena Mountains, Coffee plants in the Baliem Valley are planted at an altitude of 1,400 to 2000 meters above sea level.

In Papua there are two coffee-producing regions, the Baliem Valley, in the middle of the Jayawijaya highlands which surrounds the town of Wamena and the Kamu Valley in the Nabire area, on the east side of the highlands, which surrounds the city of Moanemani. The two regions are located between 1,400 and 2,000 meters above sea level, and these three conditions are ideal for Arabica coffee production. The Papua coffee plantation in Wamena is located along a valley that is located around the City of Wamena, the Baliem Valley. The valley is located on the east side of Mount Jayawijaya with a length of approximately 80 km.

The type that is cultivated in Wamena, Papua, is an Arabica species that is ideally planted at an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level. In general, the higher the soil where the coffee plants grow, the better the quality of the fruit. The plantation land is volcanic and the temperature reaches 15 ° C at night. This condition is very good for farming. Due to the slow exposure of modern technology, most of the coffee processing activities are carried out only by hand process. Chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides are not used for this coffee plant, and make Papua wamena coffee a rare and valuable coffee.

Papua wamena coffee is famous for having a balance and smooth taste. The resulting aroma is quite fragrant brown and floral, medium body, medium sweetness, and low acidity. In addition, this type also produces flavor notes that tend to be earthy with herbal sensations and aftertaste that feels smokey.

The taste of Papua wamena coffee is quite unique because it is rare for Indonesian coffee to have a floral sensation. Many q graders are of the opinion that the appearance of the aroma is influenced by planting conditions that do not use pesticides and any chemical compounds.

with a mild but very fragrant aroma because farmers only use organic material to grow the coffee plant. The distinctive feature of this coffee is that the taste is very original with no pulp, fragrant and also does not leave a sour taste on your tongue. As a result it will taste the original coffee, mellow without mash, fragrant and doesn’t leave an acrid taste on the tongue. Among roasteries and cafes, green beans from Papua Wamena are often used as a mixture of house blends because of their aroma

7. Bali Kintamani Coffee

Bali organic coffee

Besides the charm of travel which is very famous in the world. Bali likewise has a shrouded diamond that is really best coffee producer in planet. In the region of kintamani, Balinese coffee that has qualities that are not the same as others indonesian coffee. Taste of  acidity blended in with citrus fruits taste. This is caused by a coffee bean planting system that is mixed with a variety of vegetables or commonly called intercropping systems. Yields are also different because they produce green beans larger than Arabica grown in other regions.

Kintamani’s unique Balinese coffee flavor character is a fresh and sour taste like citrus fruits without leaving an aftertaste in the mouth. The body is medium and the aroma produced is very strong and sweet. There is no spice flavor as in most coffees in Indonesia. This coffee is perfect for those of you who don’t like bitter tastes.

8. Flores Bajawa Coffee

Bajawa is the capital of the Ngada district, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. Bajawa region is located in the highlands with a height of 1,700 meters above sea level. Enchantment of the natural beauty of Flores at the foot of Mount Inerie is what is used as a place to grow Bajawa Flores coffee. Coffee in Flores flourishes because of volcanic ash from volcanoes. This area is famous for its worldwide coffee plantations.

In terms of taste, Bajawa coffee has the character of Nutty, Orange, and Caramel flavors. Especially if you brew it with hot water in fresh conditions, the aroma will feel very strong to tempt the sense of smell

The uniqueness of the type of Flores coffee is because the flavors that can be produced are very diverse ranging from chocolate, spicy, tobacco, strong, citrus, flowers, to wood. With a thick texture, this coffee tends to have a medium level of acidity.

With a medium level of Acidity and Body, our Flores Bajawa Arabica Coffee is suitable for all people because of its balanced taste.

All Flores Bajawa coffee goes through an organic process, without chemicals. This is one of the reasons why Flores coffee has strong and fragrant flavors. Mount Inerie’s volcanic dust makes the aroma more fragrant and pungent. The strong taste of coffee is also widely loved by the world community. Flores Bajawa coffee is characterized by high viscosity and low acidity. Some coffee connoisseurs say that this coffee tastes like a mango mixed with apples and melons, and after its taste like tobacco.

9. Jawa Ijen Coffee

Javanese robusta coffee beansBondowoso Regency does have quite cool temperatures ranging from 15.40 to 25.10 degrees Celsius. Bondowoso regency is indeed surrounded by mountains. There are the North Kendeng mountains with the peak of Mount Raung, Mount Ijen in the east. In addition, the foot of Mount Hyang with the summit of Mount Argopuro, Mount Krincing and Mount Kilap are in the west. Meanwhile, Mount Alas Sereh, Mount Biser, and Mount Bendusa on the north side.

This type of coffee that has been exposed since the 17th century remains the best choice for Dutch officials with the aroma of spices. This wet milling process also makes Javanese coffee very delicious and is one of the highest quality coffees in the world.

Ijen Java Coffee has a distinctive taste with nutty, chocolate, and spice flavor with a low acidity level, and a little sweetness. Compared to coffee produced in other regions in Indonesia, Java Ijen-Raung Arabica coffee has a distinctive taste, which is a combination of spicy sensation (spicy) with a hint of ginger, and slightly sour.

Growing at a height of 900-1500 meters, Ijen-Raung Jawa Arabica coffee smells good, and tastes sweet. Mixed with its spicy flavor, the combination of chocolate and caramel aroma is characteristic of coffee grown by farmers in Ijen and Raung.

10. Java Preanger – Halu Mountain Coffee

Arabica coffee commodity from Gununghalu Subdistrict, West Bandung Regency (KBB), West Jawa has the potential to be recognized and developed after winning the world champion in the Coffee Festival in Paris France in 2018.

The fruty Arabica aroma spreads when the drink is freshly brewed, the acidy character is not too hard and sweety naturally like it is wrapped together with the aroma of fruit that comes out in this steeping mountain coffee brew. A world-class taste with a score of 83.42 based on the cupping test that delivered the Java Preanger Gunung Halu Coffee became second in the 2016 Specialty Coffee Association of America Expo in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

This coffee comes from Mount Halu, West Java and is arguably the most sought-after taste by the public. This is because although the aroma of coffee is still strongly attached, the flavor of the dryed banana when brewed is very dominant.

Uniquely, there are a few hints of Starfruit and Blackcurrant that have become the hallmarks of coffee from Mount Halu on this one

Honey (natural) Process enchance sweetness that looks like sugarane from this coffee. When it’s still hot, the scents we find are very complex; starfruit and peach are quite dominant, accompanied by a thin blackberry scent. Tasting notes are also not complex. We found a dominant chocolate flavor with a touch of black currant and raisin, of course the taste of starfruit that matches the aroma is still present.

The last name of Beans from Mount Halu is not merely a name enhancer, but indeed the character of our beans this one emits a very thick banana aroma (like the dryed banana ( Indonesia traditioanal food call “sale”)0.

We are roasting these beans at a medium level where we want to produce a strong chocolate flavor but not eliminate the banana aroma, and like other honey (natural) process characters, the sweetness in this coffee is quite high, the caramel flavor can satisfy coffee lovers, and the acidity is also low (the taste of the banana). We also found hints of floral scent when the temperature of the coffee was still hot. And also not left behind the taste of tea like from coffees characters from West Java as in general.

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