What is Different Robusta Sumatera and Robusta Java

Organic Robusta Coffee Beans

Coffea canephora (syn. Coffea robusta), commonly known as robusta coffee, the most coffee tree in indonesia is robusta coffee tree. the area of robusta coffee tree in Indonesia : Sumatera, Java, Bali, Flores Island and Sulawesi.

Taste and Aroma

Sumatera robusta coffee strong taste and body, nutty, medium acidity.
Java robusta coffee strong aroma, medium – high acidity, a little mocha, nutty, caramel/brown sugar

Lampung Robusta Coffees Beans

Coffee Plantation

Extensive coffee plantation of Sumatra robusta coffee
Intensive coffee plantation of java robusta coffee
Java coffee is oldest coffee plantation


Sumatera robusta coffee bean is low price than Java robusta coffee

Fine robusta usually use honey natural fermentation/process, the profile coffee medium acid, nutty, strong aroma, the taste will be more delicious

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Mix 70% arabica coffee beans with 30% robusta coffee beans, the coffee blend is new experience taste and more delicious

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