A Review of Some Exotic and Best Coffee in The World

Brazilian beans are world famous for good reason: its quality is regarded by many people as some of the best there is. Just try a cup of Brazil Bourbon Santos and you will see what I mean. It’s a great taste sensation.

Brazil is the world’s largest producer of coffee beans. But it hasn’t always been regarded as the top for taste. That may well change soon if this blend catches on.It is named after the origin of the cultivar, an island presently known as Reunion yet was once called Bourbon.

Best depicted as sweet-smelling, with simply the correct equalization of harsh acids, dull bodied and full taste. This brew will most surely delight the secret South American romantic in all of us. A variety that is sure to please.


Coffee is not grown here but there are several blends with distinctive American style. Typically made to be enjoyed with a traditional breakfast – what you might call a complete cup of coffee.

These grounds are produced using a mix of medium-roasted coffee beans, medium ground Central American and Columbian coffee beans. Smooth, light on acid and fragile in body – they supplement as opposed to point out themselves.

A company called Steep & Brew offers a clean, fruity option and there is also the Madrugada blend from Flying Goat. The Supreme Bean offers a sweet, chocolate flavored blend that I’m sure would be perfect with pancakes for a lazy Sunday morning breakfast.


Definitely a legendary producer and is the home of the world famous Arabica coffee tree. Ethiopia is making huge strides in producing a fine brew.

The Coffee Klatch from the Yirgacheffe district is a dim espresso with fruit overtones suggestions for the individuals who appreciate a strong brew. The Counter Culture of the Sidamo region is a dry-processed bean that will invariably make coffee drinkers instantly think of its sun-drenched home.

Now for those of you looking for a delicate espresso, the Belle Espresso from Coffee Klatch may just be what you have been looking for. A blend from five different regions – the profile is complex and enticing. Another worthwhile experience.


A small Central American coffee producing powerhouse – The Madriz is a brew you are sure to welcome to your table. Originating from Terroir Coffee, it has an pungent bouquet and a full body one that will make them request a subsequent cup.


Stump town Coffee Roasters from Portland in Oregon have lead the way in finding the best from Panama.They offe wholer bean coffee from the Don Pachi Estate that are flawless in a French press. From the Geisha trees (no, it’s not Japanese) of the Boquete region, this flowered and fruity brew is lightly acidic, smooth and is a very easy drink.


Who doesn’t know about Kona?? It is an international favorite.

The Java Berry Black Estate Reserve is the only excuse you will ever need to visit this great Pacific island. Made from a blend of Kona Peaberry and Kona Extra Fancy, it offers a typically smooth and full-flavored balance on the palate. This is a brew for those people who love their coffee straight (i.e. hot, strong and black).


Wine Arabica Gayo CoffeeIndonesian beans aren’t for everyone – it often has tartness that some will find off-putting. As a consequence of the tsunamis in this area it is now more expensive to buy.

But coffee connoisseurs could well be interested in trying the Organic Sumatra Reserve. This one has hints of chocolate, is a medium-bodied brew and is sweeter than your normal coffee. The fruity overtones and a dense strong aroma give it that South Pacific character which tends to make one think of beautiful sun drenched tropical islands and cool breezes rather than the hot and steamy jungles of its homeland.

And while we are on the subject of Indonesia let me ask….have you ever tried a poopacino??

What is that you may well ask….like I did when I first heard about it?

You could say it comes into the realm of coffee alternatives but it is not something for the feint hearted. It has all the attributes….rare, expensive and very unusual. Possibly the ideal coffee gift for that person in your life who has tried (nearly) every blend going.

It is possibly best described as animal coffee….and poop is what it really is. The Indonesian palm civets gorge themselves on the ripe cherries from the coffee trees and then excrete the undigested beans. These beans are then collected, dried and processed into the very expensive unroasted coffee beans on the planet –it’s name Kopi Luwak.

There is also a variety from Vietnam called Weasel Coffee. As I said before – not something for the feint hearted.

So wherever you happen to live you can taste a bit of the world by trying one of the many wonderful varieties from coffee grown all around the globe.

And next we are going to take you on a journey of coffee roasting basics.


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