4 Types of Roasting That Determine the Character of Coffee

roasted coffee

Delicious coffee can not be separated from the services of skilled hands who plant and mix. It is a long process to get to coffee lovers

Well, one important stage in coffee processing is roasting process. But not merely roaming, because, this process has different levels or types. Uniquely, the types of roasting turned out to affect the character and taste of coffee. Want to know anything?

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Light Roast

The temperature used for the light roast stage ranges from 180-205 degrees Celsius. The results of this roaster is a light brown coffee with high acid content. In addition, there is no oil in the coffee beans because the roast process is not too long, so that the original flavor of coffee is maintained. Brewing methods suitable for this level are pour-over, impact, and French-press.

Medium Roast

In this process, green beans are roasted at 210-210 degrees Celsius. The result, decreased caffeine levels with darker coffee beans (dark brown) but not oily. The balance of taste, aroma, and acidity is maintained, which makes the roast medium much more done than other roasting processes. The suitable brewing method is french-press, the way to put coffee into a french-press pot and then pour hot water and let stand for 4 minutes.

Medium-Dark Roast

This process is sometimes likened to dark roast, where the original taste and acidity begin to disappear and the level of caffeine decreases. As a result, dark brown coffee beans and coffee are more oily. The right temperature for medium-dark is 225 degrees Celsius or 437 degrees Fahrenhiet. Suitable for espresso coffee, both brewed with mokapot and espresso machines.

Dark Roast

Not much different from medium-dark roast. The most distinguishing thing is the temperature used is higher, which is 240-250 degrees Celsius. The result, black coffee is very bitter and has lost the original flavor. Because medium-dark roast and dark roast are similar, the brewing method is also almost the same, namely the espresso method for making café-latte or cappuccino.

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